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Once upon a time, there was a girl from the realm of Pennsylvania that was missing out on so much in life, and she didnโ€™t even know it. She traveled all the way to the land of California to discover this magical potion. The beautiful brown liquid substance helped her survive some of her darkest days โ€” college.

Really though, I didnโ€™t like coffee until I started working at a coffee shop in college. Now, I am trying not to drink too much of it! I want to share some of my absolute favorite coffee shops in the Fredericksburg/DC area with my favorite drinks and even snacks. As you will notice, dirty vanilla chai is my go-to drink. ๐Ÿ™‚

Downtown Fredericksburg:

Agora โ€” Dirty Vanilla Chai (iced and hot)

Hyperion Espresso โ€” Dirty Vanilla Chai (iced and hot)

Curitiba Art Cafe โ€” Coconut Macchiato (iced)

DC area:

Wydown โ€” Dirty Vanilla Chai & Blueberry Scone

Vigilante โ€” Dirty Vanilla Chai (iced) & Dragon Fruit Acai Bowl


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