Starting Over? Again?

Usually starting fresh has a good connotation. The new year is the perfect time to set new goals and reset one’s focus. There is a natural motivation and urge to tackle that project you’ve been wanting to start. But, the daunting reality of having to restart something when progress has already been made can be [...]

Developing Style

Growing up I was all out tomboy. I just wanted to do what my older three brothers were doing for the most part— basketball, building forts, playing war, video games, etc. but I always had that all-girl in me. I loved my princess movies and playing with my Polly pockets (who remembers those?). My outfits consisted [...]

Who is a Father?

Deeds so great, words so wise, love so beyond reason, A book must be written to attempt to record all these fantasies... The prayers fervently given without my knowledge; The patience in teaching despite the challenge; The toilsome work and sleepless nights many a time unappreciated; The scoldings given too great an amount even to [...]