Just go for it

What is that something that you always thought would be cool to do/learn but have put off, don’t think you’ll be good enough to do, etc? Why aren’t you going after it? Too much money? Too much time? I used to use excuses for things I’m doing now and still unfortunately use them for other [...]

What is Freedom?

  What is your personal definition of freedom? The right to do what you want? Maybe something to that degree? I’m going to share with you a wonderful description I read recently from the book single, dating, engaged, married (which I highly recommend for anyone in any life stage). “Freedom is not the absence of [...]

Don’t follow your heart!

Would you follow a leader that is inconsistent? One that is flippant, and you’re not sure when their feelings and mind will change? Of course not. We need consistency. Truth. Especially in a world that is so backward, we need clarity. Why follow your heart when it desires things it shouldn’t and changes on a [...]

I don’t need you

A wonderful thing about the time we live in is we can enjoy independence and freedom. It’s an entrepreneur-minded, self-made man attitude. There is a beauty to this ideal of “I can do it myself,” but I feel that society has taken this to heart too much. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for [...]

Starting Over? Again?

Usually starting fresh has a good connotation. The new year is the perfect time to set new goals and reset one’s focus. There is a natural motivation and urge to tackle that project you’ve been wanting to start. But, the daunting reality of having to restart something when progress has already been made can be [...]

Developing Style

Growing up I was all out tomboy. I just wanted to do what my older three brothers were doing for the most part— basketball, building forts, playing war, video games, etc. but I always had that all-girl in me. I loved my princess movies and playing with my Polly pockets (who remembers those?). My outfits consisted [...]