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Growing up I was all out tomboy. I just wanted to do what my older three brothers were doing for the most part— basketball, building forts, playing war, video games, etc. but I always had that all-girl in me. I loved my princess movies and playing with my Polly pockets (who remembers those?). My outfits consisted of basically whatever was clean or whatever my mom picked out for me when we went out. As I continued to get older and made my own fashion choices I think I made my mom cringe often especially since she has good taste herself.

It wasn’t until junior high that I had acquired a desire to care about how I look.

  Part of this journey (or anyone’s) is developing my own self-confidence. I was also extremely shy to the point of barely speaking to strangers and trying my best to avoid conversation (I still feel that way sometimes haha). My parents always pushed me to be involved in various things and to push myself. No matter how many things I was involved in, the choice was ultimately up to me of how I was going to apply the lessons to my life.

This is more than me developing my own style — that is just one element of the product. Through allowing God to develop the woman I’m meant to be, learning my strengths and weaknesses, embracing my personality, and pursuing things I love, I have become a much more confident person in Christ.

Does this mean I, absolutely love, everything about myself? Definitely not. I still struggle a lot with confidence and being happy with how God made me. Comparison is a black hole that only I can prevent myself from falling into.

2 comments on “Developing Style

  1. I can totally relate to the tomboy stage. It still creeps back now at 22.

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    1. Haha yes! I’m 22 now as well and still have some tomboy in me.


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