What is Freedom?


What is your personal definition of freedom? The right to do what you want? Maybe something to that degree?

I’m going to share with you a wonderful description I read recently from the book single, dating, engaged, married (which I highly recommend for anyone in any life stage).

“Freedom is not the absence of boundaries, it is the ability to fulfill created intent.” — single, dating, engaged, married

There is no stage of one’s life that you cannot possess the beauty of freedom.

There is a misconception that freedom is doing what you want with nothing holding you back, but what if I told you you can do that now?

But I still live with my parents, I’m in high school/college, I have a strict workplace, etc.

None of these things will prohibit you from fulfilling who you are to be through Christ.

Don’t become complacent because you do not have an “ideal environment.”

Go after those goals and use the resources you have to be the person Christ molded you to be.

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