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Happy anniversary you two! Thankful for the role models you are ❤️
My boys ❤️
“The only day to live for God is today.” You’ll definitely want to read this last blog post, not because I wrote it, but because it’s mainly points and thoughts given by my dads New Years bible lesson. So many good reminders that I know I needed! 😄
Been wanting to do some Christmas tree farm pics, and what better people to have in them than my brother’s family? ❤️
Happy to have had a relaxing holiday and preparing for the busyness of the new year. Plus, I have some crazy news to share soon 😁⁣ ⁣ 📸: @delaney.johnston
Merry Christmas Eve ✨ May your day involve some coffee
Swipe for a wink from Flynn 😉
A creative mind in the Big Apple = endless possibilities
My nephews and niece come tomorrow ❤️ oh and @nathanielskelly & @charityskelly 😉
Grateful for this time of year that brings family all together ft. The Huynh family 💙
Not only is God our Creator, He is the master of imagery. Even the winds and waves obey Him. Wind and water are forces to be reckoned with. We cannot control it, and often cannot truly predict it. One minute the sea rages in all it’s forceful power, and the next reflects the pure definition of calmness. The wind seeks destruction, taking no captive, but can display kindness with its gentle touch. If such uncontrollable forces can be tamed with His voice, imagine how blinded eyes can be opened with His love?
I’ll gladly trade the cold gusts for humidity 🌬🌴
Ummm, is this seat taken?
Just uploaded a simple Puerto Rico travel guide to the blog 😊
Palm trees are the perfect finishing touch 🌴
First pic: I am Moanaaaaa Second pic: jokes

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It’s so easy to be inspired and creative in a new place full of variety, but it’s another thing when you’re around the same things every day and they become monotonous.
Sometimes creative scenes present themselves to you, and other times you have to go looking for them. Either way, it’s important to capture that creative scene.
When I first started taking pictures, I was self-conscious of people judging me taking pictures in public, afraid of being in the way or looking silly in an attempt to get that perfect angle. Truth is, I’ve never cared when I do it, I only regret when I don’t seize that opportunity.
And don’t just capture that scene, but appreciate the moment. Be original, and show others how things look through your lens.

2 comments on “Capturing Creativity

  1. Mattie Brooke says:

    Great advice Hannah! I have always felt the same way when taking pictures for my blog in public. Especially when my friends start to complain about me taking too long! Keep taking great pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha yes! There is definitely a balance of getting your creative shots and spending quality time with family/friends, but don’t miss your shot — literally! 😉


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