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I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t have something jumping out to me to write, and I didn’t want to post just because so many others were. I decided to let the New Year fanfare die down and think about how I wanted to share this.

My dad gave a Bible lesson at church on New Years Day. The main focus was not on goals/resolutions, but rather, on time. The lesson narrowed in on the thought of having and using the time we have which is NOW.

“Today is my opportunity.” Two mistakes that are made with time:

1. Intention — I’m going to

2. Assumption — I’ll have another opportunity

“Let my past be my teacher, but not my master.”

“Spiritual maturity ought to produce urgency.” The closer I am with God, the more in tune I’ll be in His will. Realizing just how little time I have (for I am not promised tomorrow), should move me to glorifying God by sharing His good news and using my time to honor Him.

I’ve included some great passages my Dad used in reference to time:

Psalm 70

Proverbs 27

Romans 13

I Peter 4

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