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Health, wealth, and prosperity —

These are ever present in my life

So why does it bother me —this strife?

My world is so perfect outwardly

But there is a war waging inside

I try to fight off the negativity, the hurt, the loneliness

But in Christ I can abide

So why is this not enough

Why am I still a mess

Faith should get me through the hardships

So what am I doing wrong

The loneliness only continues to tear and rips and rips

But I need to be strong

I try to put on a show for everyone, but no one knows

I’m trapped inside and I’m done feeling this way

But a thousand woes —

These do not compare to my Jesus’ hurt

What he experienced was the worst pain and he experiences mine every bit

So this I bring to him and at his feet it is lain

One comment on “My Unwelcome Guest

  1. Cara VanEpps says:

    Hannah your words light up your path of fullness of that perfect spirit that only Our Savior can deliver…You speak truth in your mind of still reaching the holy of Holiness as you surrender your all at the cross! Thanks for sharing!


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