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If you know me at all, I hope you would know I do not like to do things simply because others are doing them. Personally, I do not like to jump into trends for the purpose of fitting in. I believe things should be done for a purpose, and that is something that is so much lacking today. People want to wear something, be something, or do something in order to be recognized and loved. This is because there is something within all of us that desires to be loved, accepted, wanted. I let things define me — standards I set for myself that I do not live up to in comparison to other people’s lives, but this should never be a definer of who I am.

Why is there such a pressing desire within us to feel accepted? Even when surrounded by so many loving people, how can we feel so broken and empty? There is a love much deeper and greater than that of people. God placed that desire — the need for Him — inside of us. I was recently asked why I read my Bible daily (that is not to say I’ve never failed in that area — honestly, it is something I need to do more), and I replied that it’s not about religion — it’s about a relationship. Many view Christianity as “religion” and something people perform to feel better about themselves or try to reach an unattainable God. The matter of the fact is, God is personable. This is a beautiful thing I have been able to experience more and more over the years. God is not the “man upstairs” or the person to pray to on Sundays. God is the Creator and Savior of the world and loves me. This is something so often said in church that can become repetitive to me, and I let the words wash over like a dull statement. But the power of these words is incredible.

I believe people fall under the assumption that I am just following my parents or upbringing, but Jesus is real to me. I have experienced His grace, love, and mercy. Has life been easy? No, definitely not. I’ve had some difficult times, but the way I look at it, I don’t deserve a thing. God created me, and I fail Him constantly. I can’t imagine having a friend that constantly lets me down, because quite honestly, they wouldn’t be my friend. But God is a friend at all times, and I am completely undeserving.

Going into this, I was quite unsure of what I was going to write and thought about giving some facts about myself, but the only good thing about me is Jesus, so I believe this would be a good start. I hope to reach and relate to others through this blog and am so excited to share a little bit of my life with you all! I will be sharing things I am passionate about and hope to inspire, encourage, and uplift through this venue.

I look forward to what this new venture brings and am excited for you to come with me! If you have any questions, please message me!

Until next time,



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  1. Cassie Skelly says:

    Love this and love you! ❤️

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