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What an overwhelming task this is that I am attempting to describe the Holy Land to you! Every travel experience is unique and beautiful and contains certain elements that will make it this way. Travels will vary experience according to their purpose, location, culture, etc.

Israel is special to me, mainly for its connection with the Bible and Jesus’ ministry. I most definitely understand this trip costs money and takes time, but if ever given the opportunity, you should go! My dad was key in giving me a passion for Israel, as I was able to go through his tour company, Land of the Bible Tours. I am sure if you are well-traveled you could agree that some experiences can never be justified in mere words or even beautiful pictures.

To be where Jesus was and very possibly have walked in His exact footsteps is such an incredible thing. But more than the emotional and spiritual understanding is being able to bring your Bible reading to life and picture things more accurately. There were so many details I had viewed wrongly in my mind and facts I did not understand until I was able to see the Holy Land for myself.

A couple of key pieces of advice for those planning to go to Israel… Take a journal with you. There will be a few sites you visit every day and so much information. It does get a bit overwhelming, so either write on the bus between sites or sit down in the hotel at the end of the day and write your highlights. You will be so glad you did! Make sure to visit old Jerusalem during your free time and buy some memorable souvenirs like jewelry or a beautiful scarf. Not surprisingly, I recommend you take many pictures! This is a once in a lifetime type of experience, so don’t forget to soak in every moment.

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