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When is the last time you had silence?

I’m not talking about relaxation, but true silence. Nobody else around, no music playing, no background noise. Just you and God.

This is something I need to do more often. Even while reading my Bible, I often have some background noise going on or my dog right by me, which can be distracting. I think sometimes we need true silence and separation. (I am most definitely speaking to myself here!)

These truly end up being the sweetest times I have with my God. This is a time where I pour out my heart. I praise Him for His endless blessing and love. Everything I am struggling with. All the hurt. To those who know me, I am not a crier, but I often cry in these sweet moments with the Lord. Serving God is not always emotional and glamorous, but wow is it beyond worth it.

It is in these moments I am reminded of my purpose β€” to cry out God’s love and worship the One who has created me.

It’s simple.

The gospel is simple. God’s love is simple. And, oh, how powerful it is. Do not complicate it. Be still and know that He is God.

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