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A wonderful thing about the time we live in is we can enjoy independence and freedom. It’s an entrepreneur-minded, self-made man attitude. There is a beauty to this ideal of “I can do it myself,” but I feel that society has taken this to heart too much.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the entrepreneurial drive and getting things done oneself, but we often adopt the thinking of complete self-sufficiency.

People proudly proclaim that they don’t need this relationship or another because they can do things themselves and don’t need anyone else. The blatant truth is that we need each other.

Relationships are vital to a healthy life.

God established a longing to be loved and accepted in all of us, which cannot be completely fulfilled other than through Him. He provided earthly relationships to encourage us.

It’s okay to admit you cannot handle going through this trial, new journey, or a sudden shift in your life on your own. More important than desiring a human bond is having that necessary relationship with Christ.

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