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Am I the only one that feels like time can crawl? I am constantly hearing the phrase that “time flies!”, and sure, it does at times, but not always. Maybe this has to do with me being in school for most of my life? 😂

Okay, mini rant over.

The point of that preface is to say that sometimes seasons of our lives can feel endless. I will tell you I felt like I was in college forever, and it felt as if it would never end (kudos to all those that have/are pursuing education beyond a bachelors degree)!

Right in the middle of that tough season, it is hard to picture that the end may come soon. I would encourage you — and when I say “you,” I’m also pointing at myself — to change perspective. Take the aerial view of life, and remind yourself that life is truly just a vapor.

So, even though this season may feel endless, it truly is just a moment.

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