Simple, yet intricate

Colorful tulips blooming in an open sky field

Shades of taffy, marmalade, daffodil, and periwinkle they yield.

Simple, yet intricate.

A mighty rushing wind riding down a great, misty waterfall

The grandeur of the force of water from such a height to the rocks below will leave one in awe.

Simple, yet intricate.

The first leaf of autumn, deciding to change its color

While the rest follow suit, as is their nature.

Simple, yet intricate.

Snow dressing the mountain in a pristine white coat that touches to the floor,

For its beauty will penetrate right to the very core.

Simple, yet intricate.

A lost soul seeking direction, resulting in nothing but hopelessness

Was saved by the One who created her โ€” the God of graciousness.

Simple, yet intricate.

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