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The more I exercise the words I use – the stronger they become. They form a part of my routine speaking and I become “fit” in the positive or negative words I choose to say.

I can get fit the right way – by exercising positive thoughts and words in my everyday vocabulary or I can become in shape the wrong way — by “injecting” negative thoughts and words in my speech.

Becoming fit not only includes exercising the correct routines, but including healthy habits.

These healthy habits require sacrificing certain things such as our selfish attitude and desires.

Being in shape requires time and dedication – a good spirit can not be achieved without marrying these two together.

And lastly, it requires a consistency. Being fit cannot last without applying a consistency to the process.

Why would people want to follow this lifestyle if I don’t follow it myself?

In order for me to run the race, I need to be fit to do so!

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