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Every year of age reveals more of life’s treasure

Time spent with those you love

Is much more than money can measure

And memories which each of

Consist of beautiful and painful moments

Moments which have evolved into lessons

Some lessons learned β€” or at least certain components

And time wishes to slow down, and with you it beckons

But as this is not within your power you soak it in

The good, the bad, the pain, the pleasure

For this life lasts until who knows when

So to those your love you should reassure

How they have impacted your life 

Enjoy those spare hours to do something meaningful

Even though hardships may be rife

Work hard and do not forget to be cheerful

Life is a gift – no matter how it is wrapped

In a body small, big, dark, or light

If you ever feel trapped

Look to the one that can save you in your plight

For He is life’s greatest treasure 

His grace, love, and forgiveness has not limits

His mercy knows no measure

Run to Him and accept the grace he exhibits

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