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Where are my LOTR fans?? If you don’t know what LOTR is, then you aren’t a fan (haha), but you don’t have to be to understand what I’m going to talk about. Although, you really should go watch the movies ASAP if you haven’t… seriously.

Anyway, when my friends and I were finishing up the return of the king (the extended version, of course), something stuck out to me more than it ever had.

Let me set the stage for you really quickly. This is a beautiful Christian allegory of good overcomes evil — even when it seems all hope is lost. Friends Frodo and Sam are at the end of their journey and are about to destroy the ring of evil that has polluted Middle Earth, and this ring has taken a heavy emotional and physical toll on Frodo, as he is the one bearing it. They are literally at the foot of the mountain where it needs to be destroyed and have spent months to get where they were. Frodo is so overcome by his burden that he cannot physically continue.

Sam, the ever faithful companion, exclaims “Come, Mr. Frodo! I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!”

Sam had also endured countless hardships and was the unsung hero, but he put his hurt selflessly aside to help Frodo who had a greater need.

I’m not trying to minimize what anyone may be going through, but don’t forget there are others around you in great pain — and maybe even greater pain. It’s important to come alongside and help those that are in dire need of it.

We cannot bear others’ burdens for them, but we can care for them.

Galatians 6:2

One comment on “Carrying each other’s burdens

  1. Funny how in a world riddled with all kinds of great and terrible forces, in the end it was his gardener and friend from his home town who literally carried him to the finish line. If the ring never came to Frodo, Frodo may have never known what a loyal and devoted friend he had in Sam. Makes you wonder what lengths you’d be willing to go for your own friends and family, if you’d travel the distance, carry them into Mount Doom?

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